Project. Quality. Documentation

High-quality solutions are required for the smooth management of technical, construction, production and quality management projects. These projects are connected with large amounts of ever-changing documentation in various formats and of various types, and they often concern the large groups of people involved. By way of standardizing the methods of working and project documentation management, companies can improve their control with regards to individual processes, increase their effectiveness and ensure the free flow of information and knowledge. These are the key elements influencing both the course of a given project and its final success.

 Quality and organization are what counts

Quality management is closely connected with defining procedures and documentation management. It includes, among others, the introduction of document and records supervision, specifying the processes for product or service provisions, and the verification and measurement of customer satisfaction levels and the quality of processes and goods. If these elements are based on an appropriate IT solution, your company will improve, among others, in the following areas:


  • documentation preparation, versioning, recording updates, giving opinions, consulting and approving by way of applying a suitable workflow, as well as documentation publication for company employees (e.g. with the use of intranet tools)
  • handling of internal audits (initiating and supporting the auditing process, management of auditing documentation)
  • remedial and corrective actions in the event of finding any inconsistencies during audits (suitable workflow for the preparation of remedial actions, acceptance, preparation of relevant documents and their publication)
  • introduction of suitable measurements based on the processes implemented

ECM solutions can significantly support the implementation of requirements for individual standards related to quality management (e.g. ISO 9000).

While analyzing different technical or production projects, one may notice the need for the correct organization of documents – their categorization, arrangement (e.g. in the form of project e-files), versioning, guaranteed quick access for the people involved or clear procedures for approval and information distribution. All these factors have a direct influence on the course of project work, its results and the economic consequences for a company. Adequate IT solutions can substantially improve the following areas:

  • Preparation of designs and technical drawings, the final versions of which are usually created following repeated consultations between designers, their managers and customers. Due to the proper management of document versions, the possibility of their supervision, version restoration, management of powers as part of a given working group, electronic approvals and consultations as part of defined paths, the work on a given project is accelerated, documentation is guaranteed to be updated and the satisfaction of business partners will increase too.
  • Verification of production quality despite various settings of production machine parameters – this improvement can be implemented by way of electronic methods of entering and collecting information on test results, changes in production parameters, automatic lists and analyses of information obtained as a result of each quality test. This enables selecting the best parameters smoothly and quickly, their approval by management staff and the ordering of production.
  • Organization of documentation for a given product – technical information, parameters, guarantee documents, manuals etc. Due to electronic support for the processes of document preparation, versioning, archiving, approval and publication, it is possible to accelerate the work on making information on a given product available, accelerate the processing of subsequent guarantee claims and after-sale service.

Higher quality, completeness and availability of documentation is reflected in the satisfaction of business partners and customers.